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If you think you have nothing, you’ll lose everything.

You like it post and photos from other people you consider nice or even you imagine it could be cool to date with, you send messages to someone just for fun and are looking for someone just trying to find emotion… maybe to forget who you really loved in first place.

Usually you’ll remember how it feels to have a couple to share your food, your stories, hang on with your friends. It’s probably you might find someone to do that kind of shit… but it wouldn’t feel the same, because you’re being selfish in order to feel loved.

Maybe one day you’ll wake up thinking “today I’m ready to be in a relationship” and that’s a lie ‘cause life doesn’t work like that. Most important, we need to learn “romantic love” is not for everyone.

For sure you’ll hurt someone else… might be someone who was interested in you. Also, you’ll screw up yourself with every stupid decision you take. Let’s be honest… you won’t be 100% honest with a person who wants something serious with you because truth is you are not in that person.

Of course, you’re sorry and I understand it, you didn’t want to displeased anyone but it’s a consequence of your endless detour in this damn search for «the only one». Make mistakes while you can… at the end you’re laying in bed with an empty heart.

Don’t misunderstand me, this won’t last forever so learn to deal with it. Hearts get broken each second… embrace your loneliness.

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