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Recently, I’ve experienced some unexpected situations (once a teacher told us what was the differences between facts, events and situations, now I can’t remember) that restructured my point of view, but most of all, it changed the way I think, even how I see my life.

First, my mom called me on Tuesday night to ask me how old my ex-cat was (Perla is living with my mother and grandma). Well, my mom took Perla to the veterinarian because she looked sick… exactly! My own mother did something I wasn’t expecting. When I was a little child, I learned my mom felt incapable of taking responsibility. Two days ago she had the impulse to save the cat (including searching clinics, asking for a cat carrier, and going on her own).

That’s was surprisingly the most amazing thing could ever happen to me about her, literally she changed all my perception.

I re-learned with facts to trust. AMAZING! And… she is my superhero!

Second, on Sunday I decided to choose my inner peace. Something is happening inside me, it’s pure based on facts.

There are more situations, but it’s time to sleep… hoping the earth don’t shake us.

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